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Real Change in Real Lives

I’ve known The Coach for years and years from church. I’m one of the millennial members that’s come up under him. In my heart I was for more than just what I was receiving on Sundays. I was finding myself in a merry go round of the same issues & knew I needed to go the extra mile for the solution to my specific problem. Since I trusted what the Coach taught me on Sundays, I knew that investing into his business of relational coaching was a no brainer. What I love the most about it is that it’s relational coaching, which Coach says is us & our interaction with the people, places, & things around us/in our lives. That concept on top of the principles he showed me helped me have a total mental shift to see my issue in a completely different light & trusttt I wouldn’t be here if my initial problem didn’t turn around! Something I battled with in my health for 5 going on 6yrs, we saw major results in 3 months! All because I applied the principles he taught me in our sessions. I highly highly recommend the Coach for ANYTHINGGG you may be going through & just ready to be plain old successful in. My success from my coaching boosted my confidence enough to start a new business & I’ve had some exclusive opportunities presented to me. Thank You Coach & I thank God for you! I look forward to our continued sessions to address the next level in my life!

Ren W.

I've know Coach since before I can remember (I was a He has witnessed me grow, fall and soar. Over the years he has taught me, pushed me, encouraged me and loved on me like one of his own children. I can contribute becoming the great woman, mother and wife I am today to his helping hand, listening ear and shoulder to cry on. He has always made himself available every time I was in need and I'm truly thankful. I am glad to have a genuine person I can go to for sound advice and for the truth. He's a great man full of wisdom, down to earth and funny too. I promise you won't go wrong with allowing him to Coach you too!!!!


DeAnna B.

I highly recommend Empower Coaching with Lennell Willis for both your personal and business needs. It is no secret that having an executive management coach can benefit most people--but letting them change your behavior can be difficult. I know this all too well. However, through insightful examination and the use of real life examples, Lennell Willis helped me understand how to become a better organizational leader. I came away from every coaching session with a clearer understanding of how people might respond to my actions and how I could improve my skills to win them over. This renewed self awareness has allowed me to recreate and improve my leadership style, which has ultimately benefited my team and our organization as a whole. A better leader helps usher in a stronger organization. I have become a firm believer in the benefits of having an executive coach and Lennel Willis EXCELS in this role.


Jay W.

If you would like to hear about more experiences or write your own testimonial, please get in touch!

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