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Helping You Move Forward



For 20 years, I’ve successfully coached thousands of people to reach their life of Freedom:

Personal, Marriage, Family, Spiritual, Health and Financial. I was once trapped by the endless mistakes of my past that seemed to have a GPS lock on my future, bringing every attempt I made back to the place I was desperately working to leave. Over decades of trying program after program and experiencing short lived mini-progress, I was almost ready to give up and come to the conclusion this is what my life will be. Then I began to recognize that in all those years of hoping, praying and wishing to be free from my past, that all along the way I learned the perfect system that when utilized, in the right order and right way, brought lasting right results! True Tangible Life Transformation.


This is why I help empower business owners and professional’s break free from their past and step into the next level of success! By showing them how to achieve their goals & turn dreams into reality!

Allowing you to live purposely, passionately and productively!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, our services & programs are specifically tailored to coach you to a better life of success. We help you identify the obstacles holding you back: lack of confidence, feeling trapped by non-productive habits, a need to develop the ability to finish what you start or experience unmistakable forward progress. Empower coaching is designed to provide the tools you need to overcome & defeat those challenges and break past limitations to the life you've always desired Lennell is a Lead Pastor and Planter of Nu Grace Nu Mercy Church International in Chicago, Illinois. He is a host and guest speaker for conferences and seminars with an emphasis on Grace, and Wisdom for Kingdom Living and Biblical Economics. 


He is an anointed and transformational teacher who shares the Word of God with simplicity and wisdom for practical life application. He believes true deliverance comes from utilizing Kingdom principles to identify and remove the root cause of issues.  Lennell also flows in the prophetic and healing ministry. He partners with community schools, businesses & government to see true, real and relevant transformation take hold throughout our city.

Lennell has been married 32 years, has four wonderful children with his beautiful wife Antoinette and resides in the Chicagoland area.

Now It’s your moment to be empowered and breakthrough to your life of Freedom,

Coach L
Your Freedom Coach
Live Purposely. Passionately. Productively.

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