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During the first 6 or so years of our life, we soak up everything we hear and our young brains believe it to be true. During these years we develop our most powerful, and often times most life-limiting, beliefs that can stick with us for the rest of our lives.

All of this information is held in our subconscious, and it's there to keep us safe. It's how we learn that the stove is hot because it burnt our hand, or how we know to look both ways before crossing the street because our parents drilled that home with us every single day.

However, some of these beliefs hold us back in life and keep us in a state of fear and ignorance.

Typical limiting beliefs take the form of:

●  "I can't do that because"

●  "I don't deserve that because"

●  "If I do this something bad is going to happen"

●  "I can't do this because people will think"


I'm sure some of those statements sound familiar. I know I've said them on more than one occasion.                                        So what do we do now?

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